Connectivity, via the fewest number of cables possible, is the road of future-thinking facility design. Sierra Automated Systems is behind the wheel and ahead of the curve with our Symphony Suite of Networked Products, the complete system of audio routing, mixing, distribution, intercom, IFB, and automation.

At the hub of this network is the Sierra Automated Systems 32KD Digital Router/Mixer. Connected at the spokes are Sierra Automated Systems RIOLinks, Rubicon console control surfaces, router control panels, intercom stations, digital storage and delivery systems, production editors, computer controllers, and much more.

The Sierra Automated Systems Connected Digital Network has the features and performance needed today and the flexibility to adapt as your operation evolves. The Sierra Automated Systems Connected Digital Network is the digital future, here today.

Distributed Reliability and Redundancy
Integral to the fabric of the Connected Digital Network architecture is the design concept of 'distributed liability' providing multiple layers of redundancy.

Any component failure takes out only the small section that it serves. Audio in the 32KD is split into multiple TDM buses, each handling only 32 channels of audio; a disturbance on one bus only affects that small group of channels. Two separate control communication buses between modules and two separate clock buses multiply the level of distributed reliability.

The 32KD does not use a 'DSP farm', instead the DSPs on each output card handle routing and mixing for those outputs only. Redundant power supplies are available throughout.

The ultimate failure: loss of the terminal room. No problem. The RIOLink keeps on going, providing full Rubicon console control of routing and mixing of all local sources connected to that RIO.

And, of course, the Sierra Automated Systems router control software provides backup and easy restoration of your entire system's settings.