Radio is the “core business” of Sierra Automated Systems. Since 1988, radio broadcasters have relied upon Sierra Automated Systems for mission-critical routing. And now, Rubicon radio broadcast control surfaces are used to drive many of the country’s leading radio facilities.

For years, Sierra Automated Systems was known as "the router company." When the 32KD Digital Audio Network Router/Mixer was introduced, the path was laid to provide complete radio solutions. Sierra Automated Systems spent hundreds of hours meeting with clients—networks, major market and smaller stations, traffic and news providers—to engineer the digital future.

The result was Rubicon, and the follow-on products that make the Connected Digital Network the industry's most user-friendly yet powerful integrated system of console surfaces, routing, intercom, and control.

The Sierra Automated Systems Connected Digital Network continues to evolve. New products, features, and software all are derived from field experience of the users, those "wouldn't it be nice if... " comments that turn themselves into reality.

Digital audio consoles, routing, control and communications Case Study

Five major market AMs and FMs consolidate into one brand-new all-digital all-Sierra Automated Systems plant...

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